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The Various - Kalevala Records

During 1997, six singles where officially released through Liverpool record shop Probe Records, each of them limited to 500 copies. However, both the soundtrack and Puurtinen/Bruuk’s full-length album were canceled due to poor reception of the singles in the Brisith press which considered the Kalevala singles as a practical KLF joke only.


No.1 - Draculas Daughter - Candy (KALA 001)

Like a bit of 60's New York landed in Helsinki in 1997. The four young ladies who make up this group consider themselves artists rather than musicians, much like the early Velvet Underground. The song itself is a piece of prime quasi-Velvets dedicated to the famed Factory transsexual Candy Darling and features guest vocals from the Nico of the north-lands Kristina Bruuk. As the debut release on a fledgling label Kalevala couldn't have done better. Jesus And Mary Chain, eat your hearts out.

This is actually the third release for the girls, previously they've made two (very limited) singles on their own private label. Don't bother trying to find them because, unless you live in Helsinki, you've got more chance of finding a Beatles acetate.


Perhaps if I tell you the four girls who make up Dracula’s Daughter prefer to be called artists rather than musicians,

you get the picture!


Paivi Talvernsaari (guitar/vocals) – video artist
Aija Vanska (bass/vocals) – Helsinki film festival cordinator
Marja Kirjava (organ) – contemporary art gallery curator
Leena Tornkvist (drums) – 70’s funk DJ


 Ask them their biggest influence they tell you without hesitation Kristina Bruuk (guest vocal on “Candy”) Andy Warhol and the young british art scene. Before signing with Kalevala the girls have released two english-speaking EP’s on their own label. These recordings were only available in few selective book shops and art galleries in Finland and Scandinavia. To see Dracula’s Daughter playing live is a very rare priviledge and usually only in selective art events and private celebrity parties. The girls are not interested in gigging and touring in particular. - Kalevala Press Release


The original title printed on the label, Supermodel, is crossed out and replaced with Candy, the former being an unreleased song by guest vocalist Kristina Bruuk. Both artists were portrayed by Finnish singer and musician Aija Puurtinen.

Draculas Daughter - Candy (KALA 001)

Side A - Candy

Side B - Candy (Version)

No.2 - The Fuckers - Sexy Roy Orbison (KALA 002)

The world's only Lapp punk band don't care one whit for the pop-punk emo-core posturings of their Californian contemporaries (Green Day / Offspring / NoFX etc), in fact this record gives the impression they'd happily kill them and eat them (it'd make a change from reindeer meat at least). They don't care about anything. A ferocious amphetamine blast of pure realpunk hatred from a group that's existed in almost total isolation for over ten years, and whilst their old-skool cousins (Extreme Noise Terror / Napalm Death etc) may have sold out to the metal dollar The Fuckers have remained true to their hardcore roots. For that reason they are, without doubt, the hardest, fiercest and most aggressive punk band on planet Earth. Hear this and despair, pop-kid.

With luck (or perhaps that's bad luck) the Fuckers hope to land on these shores next year to play at a series of Cider Festivals (the psycho scrumpy being the only thing in the world they will admit a liking for).
Anyone old enough to remember the Norse invasions of the dark ages will want to emigrate now.


We are proud that Kalevala is home to world’s only Lapp punk band. The guys are punking for more than one decade already and still nobody like them, ha ha! But they do not care because they hate everybody and everything! Except your english cider!


The Fuckers is made of:

Billy Fuck (vocals)
Nasty Fuck (quitar)
J.J. Fuck (bass)
Sick Fuck (drums)


Not like Dracula’s Daughter The Fuckers are gigging all the time (276 shows in Finland and Scandinavia in last 12 months!) The guys like to play at beer festivals (do you have cider festivals in UK?) and have a 100% record of turn up at these shows in particular. Maybe they will become as big as Green Day. What do you think? - Kalevala Press Release

The Fuckers - Sexy Roy Orbison (KALA 002)

Side A - Sexy Roy Orbison

Side B - Sexy Roy Orbison (Version)

No.3 - Gimpo - Gimpo (KALA 003)


An absolute must for fans of the KLF / JAMMs this being their legendary roadie, driver and, more notoriously, film-maker (it was Gimpo that filmed the famed Million Quid incineration). Now he's turned his talents to music and, in collaboration with Finnish techno-psychos High End World Receiver, has produced a debut single of gargantuan proportions. A crushing slab of Industrial riffage and Godzilla size Atom Bomb beats make this a true dance-floor krasha, but the tirade of four-letter words on top and the rousing chorus of "You Fucking Twat" make this one Kalevala release you will not be hearing on the wireless.

Anyone thinking the Prodigy own the copyright on Extreme Dance-Metal Carnage better think again...Gimpo is here to eat you alive. And thank Gruad for that!

Underground UK film maker who met Aija Vanska from Dracula’s Daughter at Helsinki film festival in 1996. Aija has love with Pertti Hurme of High End World Reciever (top Helsinki techno act) and Pertii persuades Gimpo to make a recording during his stay in Helsinki after hearing some really wild storys from Gimpo about his life as drugs, girls and techno music.


Gimpo is formerly veteran of UK war with Argentine in Falklan Islands and has made film of top UK rave band K Foundation.

We hope to make record deal with Gimpo for moer material but he is tricky guy to get commitment! Lets cross fingers since we think this is very talented guy and maybe huge rave act in Finland and Scandinavia. - Kalevala Press Release

Gimpo - Gimpo (KALA 003)

Side A - Gimpo

Side B - Gimpo (Version)

No.4 - The Daytonas - Faster, Gimpo, Faster, Kill! Kill! Kill! (KALA 004)

Super speedy surf-core from this band of seven brothers who've been constantly gigging since the original surf-beat craze hit Finland in the early 60's. The Daytonas have remained true to the original fun, fast, frantic sound sound of this music - so anyone expecting the clever, know-it-all, tongue in cheek irony of Man Or Astroman and their hodad ilk will be sorely disappointed. If, however, you're still diggin' the sound of old California back when the days were short and the nights were long you're in for a treat, Surfin Bird!

The title? Yep it's that Gimpo again. He's certainly made a name for himself over in Finland.

Oh yeah, don't confuse these with the Swedish surf outfit of the same name.

Buzz, Uri, Hank, Speedy, Cosmo, Boris and Ghandi are seven brothers of same family. The poor mother you say! But no. This incredible lady is manager of this fastest in the world surfbeat band! The guys started to play in 1962 and are touring most of the time since then but now they have not been back to a recording studio since 1965. The surfbeat craze is very big here in Finland in early 1960’s and The Daytonas stay loyal to this style with now some quite old followers of them back home.


Hank is father to Aija Vanska from Dracula’s Daughter and was introduces to UK film maker Gimpo at Helsinki film festival in 1996. The single “Faster Gimpo Faster! Kill! Kill! Kill!” is written to honour Gimpo.Kalevala Press Release

The Daytonas - Faster, Gimpo, Faster, Kill! Kill! Kill! (KALA 004)

Side A - Faster, Gimpo, Faster, Kill! Kill! Kill!

Side B - Faster, Gimpo, Faster, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Version)

No.5 - The Blizzard King - American Trilogy EP (KALA 005)

Incredible 3-track Extended Play 7" from the Jesus of Cool himself. Opening with a stunning version of "Break On Through", featuring a storming Hammond work-out of hyper-Manzarekian proportions, followed by a startling rendition of "Strangers in the night" (This being the recording from a parallel universe in which Old Blue Eyes didn't refuse to be in the same building as the Doors, but invited them into his studio for a full-on Drink, Drugs and Jam session.) As if this isn't enough already, this classic 7" is rounded off by one of the Fat Elvis's all time greats "In the Ghetto".

One of Finland’s most successful artists in the domestic market. The Blizzard King records his own compositions in finnish and records cover versions of english and american songs in english.


This guy is mysterious. He lives on a small island where he make compositions and mend his fishing nets (oh yeah! He also find time to do his other job of fisherman but Kalevala hope not for to long now!)

This guy is very deep and thinking. He does not making music for money he says “Music is no for buy and sell. Music is for survival”. This huge guy is captivating presence. His voice will haunt you. - Kalevala Press Release

Break On Through is a cover version of The Doors’ song; Strangers In The Night is a cover of the same song famously sung by Frank Sinatra; In The Ghetto is a cover of the song written by Mac Davis and performed by Elvis Presley which previously got sampled on The KLF’s Chill Out.


According to the single’s liner notes this is an extract from ‘The American Trilogy’, probably suggesting that another two singles by The Blizzard King exist in Bill & Z’s fictional universe.

The Blizzard King - American Trilogy EP (KALA 005)

Side A - Break On Through

Side B1 - Strangers In The Night

Side B2 - In The Ghetto

No.6 - Aurora Borealis - Aurora Borealis (KALA 006)

Two superb ambient sound-paintings, from this reclusive collective of shamanic Artists, Poets and Musicians. Deep within the Arctic Circle, far from the cities and industrial decay of the modern world, they have produced these sonic sculptures, influenced solely by the protean wastes of their Lapp homeland. This is sombre, soulful and dreamy stuff - right from the heart of the Lapp zeitgeist. But don't think that it's in any way colourless, joyless or impenetrable, far from it - Those of you who have cooled your souls at the eternal 3 a.m. of melancholy, will find much in this music which speaks directly to your secret mind.

It would be unfair to burden these isolated art-makers with crass comparisons with the work of others. However, for those of you who won't buy anything unless you think you know what you're getting, this record would sit happily next to the finest work of The Orb, or (of course) the KLF's "Chill Out".

This is collective of musicians from Lapland who live outside from society. They come together on ocassions to make ethereal sounds which they say are musical paintings of the bleak and dreamy landscapes of their homeland.

It take many months of persuading these hermit people to the recording studio and so we “handle with care” their rare records and do not try to exploit to much the potential.- Kalevala Press Release

Aurora Borealis - Aurora Borealis (KALA 006)

Side A - Aurora Borealis (Part 1)

Side B - Aurora Borealis (Part 3)



Aurora Borealis - Aurora Borealis

Has anybody 'GOT' or 'HEARD' Part 2?

Could Part 2 be the Version on Bad Wisdom?

Huono Viisaus / Bad Wisdom

Huono Viisaus (KALA 007) (commonly refered to as the Bad Wisdom soundtrack) was scheduled to follow but got cancelled due to the poor reception of the previous singles by the British music press. The compilation would have included new songs by previous Kalevala artists as well as contributions by two new bands, Molten Rock…


 Ice biker music is originally in Finland since the middle of 1970’s and this genre of music is the very heavy and hard metal and Molten Rock is the most heavy and hard of the ice biker bands in our country.


They make their recordings live in their gang club house. “Recording studio is for girls!” say Molten Rock.

They play always so long back anybody remembers the classical Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song” and youth in Finland believes it Molten Rock who write the song in the original! Ha ha! - Kalevala Press Release

… and Gormenghast.

 Big name in progressive rock music here in Finland as well as very huge in eastern europe and baltics. Twenty four LP’s of instrumental music in twenty four years since the band come together in 1973!


Peter Darklord, a legend in his own life, still lead the band today. Still heavy under the influence of Nietzche (philosopher), Wagner (classical composer) and The Kalevala (Finland’s most national and epic story).

“Gormenghast is no just music, it is philosophy of life” say Peter Darklord. - Kalevala Press Release


According to Discogs only six test pressings of this LP are known to exist. A bootleg CDR including all 14 songs was released by Positive Void in 2001. Another earlier bootleg includes the previous singles only and lacks the tracks exclusive to the proper compilation.

Huono Viisaus is (of course) the Finnish translation of Bad Wisdom, while the Gormenghast song’s title 'Lighthouse At The Top Of The World' is a subtle nod to the book’s subtitle.

KALA 007_edited.png
01. Oscar's DreamAurora Borealis
00:00 / 01:40
02. In The GhettoThe Blizzard King
00:00 / 04:05
03. SupermodelKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:50
04. Teenage Virgin Supermodels Eat ShitThe Fuckers
00:00 / 01:42
05. Gimpo MPHThe Daytonas
00:00 / 02:38
06. CandyDraculas Daughter
00:00 / 03:27
07. Strangers In The NightThe Blizzard King
00:00 / 05:35
08. Break On ThroughThe Blizzard King
00:00 / 04:55
09. Sexy Roy OrbisonThe Fuckers
00:00 / 01:47
10. GimpoGimpo
00:00 / 04:07
11. Immigrant SongMolten Rock
00:00 / 03:17
12. The MountainGormenghast
00:00 / 06:00
13. Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis
00:00 / 10:35
14. Light House At The Top Of The WorldGormenghast
00:00 / 05:49

Future Releases ???

While the Bad Wisdom soundtrack remains unreleased to this day, 

Between Heaven And Helsinki was expected to finally get a physical release in 2021.


No. 8 - Kristina Bruu - Peter (KALA 008) Unreleased 7" (some T/Ps exist)

Your english saying “a cat with nine lives” very well descibes the life of this incredible lady. She flees her home town of Tallinn, Estonia in late 1960’s and soon becomes lover and muse of Peter Darklord, very influential poet/philosopher/musician in Finland in 1960’s.


Kristina nearly become famous model but heroin addiction and periods as alcoholic (of which she is OK now to talk) brings years of obscureness with now and again dark and soul-bearing records for various record labels. She is now resident in Helsinki the past twenty years where she build a big cult following with art and student communnity and appear on occasion to give informal concerts withmaybe only one quitarist to accompany.

Guest vocals on “Candy” by Dracula’s Daughter gives Kristina another chance for success. A new LP will be released in December and concerts in UK in negotiation. - Kalevala Press Release


Kristina Bruu - Peter (KALA 008)

Side A - Peter

Side B - Supermodel

The Tragic Tale Of Kristina Bruuk

Perhaps the most mythical of the Kalevala artists was the tragic character of Kristina Bruuk, performed and portrayed by Aija Puurtinen, lead vocalist of the Finnish band Honey B. & T-Bones. Originally brought in as a background singer, the duo liked her performance so much that they decided to let her record a whole song, Candy. After the track received somewhat fame in English underground scenes, Bill and Mark contacted her again to sing a new song, Supermodel, and decided to create the fictious character of Kristina Bruuk, an Estonian artist and ex-model who had moved to Finland to start a promising but critically failed career as a singer songwriter.

A full album, Between Heaven And Helsinki, was recorded in late 1997, and Puurtinen even did a live performance as Kristina Bruuk at the Finnish Institute Of London on Finland’s Independence Day. However, with the Kavelala project coming to a sudden halt all plans for a full release got canned.

According to sleeve notes written by Bill the album got shelved after Kristina Bruuk had fallen out with both the session musicians and record label boss Hannu Puttonen. It’s perhaps only fitting for and adding to the fictional and ill-faited career of Kristina Bruuk that her album, of all things, went unreleased.

The character of Kristina Bruuk allegedly committed suicide on December 31st, 1999. Her story is probably best told in a radio play broadcasted on Resonance FM on 24th March 2017.

Kristina Bruuk - 'Girl From Nowhere' (Studio Cassette)

01. FatherKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 01:13
02. PeterKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 04:24
03. I Am GlassKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:35
04. Helsinki AngelKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:10
05. SupermodelKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:54
06. I Died On MTVKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:28
07. Muse and ComfortKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 05:58
08. Do I CollapseKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:30
09. Oscars BarKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 05:16
10. My GhostKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:08
11. Lost In SohoKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:08
12. Che Guevaras EyesKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 03:16
13. It's Just A PartyKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 05:10
14. Flower GirlKristina Bruuk
00:00 / 01:10

Kristina Bruuk: Girl From Nowhere / Between Heaven And Helsinki (KALA 009)


The LP got recorded but never made it beyond test pressing state once the Kalevala label project was halted by Bill and Mark. Name and length come from studio DAT tapes, according to which the album should be called Girl From Nowhere, while the official biography mentions the title Between Heaven And Helsinki. It can be assumed that both titles refer to the same album. A handful of Studio Cassettes are known to exist. The album was scheduled to be re-released on Berlin label Martin Hossbach in 2020. The song It’s Just A Party actually appeared briefly on the label’s Bandcamp page in September but got pulled down again shortly thereafter. Since then it is apparently handled by a publisher from the UK, but no updates have been posted on the matter.

      Between Heaven And Helsinki - Written By Ulrik Brandt Hansen


Kristina Lost in my Mind


I was told to tell the tale of Kristina Bruuk. There are a lot of different versions of her story to be told. But as when it comes to Kristina Bruuk you have to have one thing in mind. There is an infinity number of truths about her, but only one proper lie can be told.


I have decided to tell one truth, and briefly cover the concept of the lie Some people people actually thinks that the lie is part of the truth, or maybe even the whole and only truth.


Lets start with the easy part, a truth. This truth begins in a cabin on a train somewhere in Finland:


The train was moving at at slow pace across the arctic wasteland. Outside the Aurora Borealis and the mating calls of the mythic arctic alligators were mimicing the eternal conflict of the archaic elements.


There was five of us in our group, the three males all refered to themselves as Peters, while the two female used the term Flower Girls. Together we wryly called ourself “The Beautiful Losers“.


Back in the wagon sat three men, they where talking loud and whacking each other on the head with sticks. They were pretty drunk on cheap vodka and mumbled stuff like “Elvis to the Pole” and “The greatest re-enactment ever”. No doubt they were losers, but not among the beautiful ones. Brutes likes that would never understand the true poetic genius of Kristina Bruuk.


We tried to ignore them, and focus on our own reason to be on board this train: Kristina Bruuk, the greatest artist ever to walk the realm between Heaven and Helsinki. We were all die hard fans of this amazing artist, and now we all were going to see her first liveperformance in 22 years.


“23!”, the three blokes shoumted in the back of the wagon and whacked each other on the head with their sticks. “Some Men !!”, one of the Flower Girls said, and schocked her head. We all laughed, “Some Men” was the title of a song by Kristina. A song that was never released, but only existed as a part of “The Radio Mafia Sessions”.


Kristina Bruuk was one of the greatest mysteries in the music industry. She was never as big as Madonna, never won a Nobel price like Bob Dylan, and never disapeared up her own ass like Bjørk and The KLF did. Kristina was just Kristina, and not much was known about her. Some rumour claims that she originally came from one of the Baltic countries, while other that she has always had lived in Helsinki. Some rumours claimed that her first album was produced by Lou Reed in Berlin, while other claims that she only released one album “Girl from Nowhere”, all other output was fake fan re-enactments. Another rumour said that she was the mother of Pete Doherty, or at least in some werird way related to him. In some versions of this rumour she might be his aunt, in other his lover or even his sister, sometimes she is all of these things at once. Contracdictions are there to be accepted, and all the jazz.


We should all agree that Kristina was the greatest artist in modern times, and that “Girl from Nowhere” was the best album ever recorded. If you still think that title belongs to “Ocean Rain” by the Bunnymen then I can conlude that you have never heard “Girl from Nowhere”.


We arrived at the venue, it was called “ulkonaliikkumiskieltotorni”, whatever that meant. We entered. The stage was as small as we expected. The room was dark. The beer expensive, and tasted cheap. On the stage stood a bootle, the label was in Finnish, so we cold only guess if it was Vodka or water. Besides the bottle stood Kristinas mythical Glockenspiel, the one she uses to write all her song. It was going to be a night to remember !


Rock Radio into Helsinki and Beyond


The lie is far more complex, it involves a couple of british popstars, a singer called Aija,

and a book called Bad Wisdom: “The Lighthouse At The Top Of The World”.


Here is a couple of truths about the lie.


• The lie begins in a cabin on a train somewhere in Finland.


• The lie can be googled on the internet.


• The lie will tell you that “Helsinki Angels” is the best song ever recorded.*


So go Google the lie, or go write your own truth, whatever you find the most appealing in your current situation.

What ever you do, you are welcome in the club of "The Beatiful Losers"


*Fun fact : The only thing that the lie has in common with all the existings truths out there is the fact that “Helsinki Angels”

is by far the best song ever recorded.







Kalevala Records was a fictional Finnish label conceived by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning. Named after the Finnish national epic the label was established to release a series of 7″ singles and albums by equally fictional bands and artists inspired by their novel Bad Wisdom.


Failing to find any real Lapp punk or Arctic soul acts like the ones they described in the book, Bill & Z1 invented the acts and hired musicians and singers in Helsinki to record the songs at Finnvox studio in Helsinki in late 1996, including the project’s producer Janne Louhivuori on guitars, Anssi Nykänen on drums and Harri Rantanen on bass, while J-P Virtanen played keyboards and Mongo Aaltonen performed drums.


While the original plan was to record a couple of cover songs in Finland and pad out the album with original songs the duo had heard on Finnish radio, the recording sessions went so well that Bill and Mark decided to continue more songs with the same lineup and bring in additional singers like Veeti Kallio acting and performing as the lead singer of The Fuckers, and Hannu Leidén who would take on the guise of The Blizzard King, while background vocals on several songs were contributed by Finnish folk music group Angelit.


"It took a couple of trips, but by spring ’97 Bad Wisdom (The Original Soundtrack) was recorded,

and we were proud men. It featured such fantastic bands as The Daytonas, Gormenghast,

The Blizzard King, Aurora Borealis, and The Fuckers. We knew everything possible about these bands: their dates of birth, favourite foods, where they met, line-up changes, suicide attempts, drug habits, love lives, the lot.

The fact was, none of these bands existed anywhere but in our imaginations. Mind you, that’s where all great bands exist. Being in a band or into a band is all about building, living out and worshipping (or loathing) a myth."  - Bill Drummond 

Only six singles were released, limited to 500 copies each. The tracks came from the unreleased Bad Wisdom soundtrack album, Huono Viisaus, which also included a cover of Immigrant Song by ice bikers Molten Rock and songs by

Kristina Bruuk and Gormenghast.


Contact Info:

Iso Roobertinkatu 41
Fax +358 9 622 80261



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