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The Eternal Voyage...

Of A 12" Record...

"I've been collecting records since I was 14" I said to my better half...  "14 she said, just think how much money you'd have if you didn't waste it on buying flat bits of black plastic"...  It then occurred to me she had no idea about vinyl (not merely plastic) so i found myself duty bound to... 

"Darling" i said, "let me explain why...

5 years later... she jumps up & shouts "I get it, It's like me with my Handbags & Shoes... Yes?"

"Yes" i say back, to which she replies... "so how far do some of these (plastic) records travel around the world between collectors?" 

"Good question" I reply "Its hard because some are kept from between the time they were purchased new & never seen again, some move between collectors, others are always just sitting on sites to be sold".... 

So I came up with the Idea to send one around the world to as many friends / acquaintances as possible to clock the distance covered & the cost of shipping it around...  

The Start Of An Epic Journey

#1 Mark Rolfe - Welling, Kent

Then Mailed To #2 Thomas Dawson - Woking, Surrey

Then Mailed To #3 Paul Dbs Sounds - Chessington, Surrey

Then Mailed To #4 Dave Barnes - Bolton, Lancs

Then Hand Delivered To #5 Jason Butterworth - Rochdale, Gt. Manchester

Then Mailed To #6 Ben Riddle - Park Royal, London

Then Mailed To #7 Philip Ward - Finchley, London

Then Mailed To #8 Matt Hinton - Witney, Oxfordshire

Then Mailed To #9 Olly Revest - Ladbroke Grove, London

Enroute to Stage 10

Then Mailed To #10 Gordon Linton - Edinburgh, Scotland

Then Mailed To #11  Soren Karstensen  - Stovring, Denmark

Then Mailed To #12  Thomas Touzimsky  - Grunstadt, Germany


Then Mailed To #13  Maarten Bouwes  -Krommenie, Netherlands

Then Mailed To #14  Gert De Meester  - Mechelen, Belgium

Then Mailed To #15  Michiel Pronk  - Zoetermeer, Netherlands

unfortunately my turntable had died, i'd been meaning to get a new one but it wasn't to be... Forwarded over to:- Antti...

Then Mailed To #16  Antti Lavio  - Helsinki, Finland

Then Mailed To #17  Joaquin Noisesurfer  - ???, Spain

Do You own a turntable...?

Do You like doing pointless tasks...?

Do You have a way of recording said pointless task...?

If You answered YES to all 3 Questions

then please Apply Below to join in the task...

Now The Small Print...

Please Only Apply If You Can financially afford to PLAY, RECORD A Video & Forward On within 10 days of Receiving The 12" Record...

Please Also make sure that when you send it forward it will retain all items it was sent to you with

& 'The Record' is sent RECORDED delivery / Signed For...

Application Form
How did you hear about this?
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Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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