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Ford Timelord

Hi! I'm Ford Timelord... I'm a car, and I've made a record


Even Banksy was a Fan...

I even heard a whisper through an open window that Jimmy might be Banksy...

You'll find me all over this website...

I was a big part of The KLF weither they liked it or not...

Before I Became A Timelord

 © Chris Bland

Flinton Chalk 3.jpg

 © Flinton Chalk

 © Flinton Chalk

 © Flinton Chalk

Then Along Comes Jimmy Cauty... Oh & Simon...

Early 1987

In Early 1987 The JAMs would go about their business on a 1975 Triumph Bonneville T140V Café Racer, now this bike was fine but when Bill was on the back it became top heavy and very difficult to stop in a hurry, something had to be done.





I saw the police car advertised in Auto Trader or maybe it was Exchange and Mart,

the ad said Ford Galaxy 500 police car as used in Superman the movie, It was for sale somewhere in South East London, we jumped into Simons pick up truck and headed over to take a look.


The owner of the car was a bloke called Flinton Chalk, Flinton would pop up from time to time over the next few decades most recently as a member of Badger Kull.

Jimmys Bike.jpg

Jimmy adjusting seating area

Badger Kull.jpg

Can you guess which one is Flinton 

One of his main selling points for the car apart from it being in the film Superman was that the car had a 3 speed manual hirst gear shift, I didn’t know what that was but apparently it was a thing racing cars have so was a good thing.

The ford was in pretty bad condition but in those days we just bought old bangers and drove them into the ground, but it was a runner so I did the deal and drove it home... I think it was £300.



















The first thing I did was sand off the sheriff’s stars from the front doors

and replaced them with The JAMs PD Blaster logo which I painted by hand with blackboard paint and a small brush, I then painted the 23 on the roof and KLF on the hood and rear trunk, I also fitted a whip areal to the back wing, and for the roof I fitted a rotating beacon light and borrowed a couple of spotlights from a JCB that was parked on a nearby building site. 

( in those days building sites were not protected by fencing and cctv so it was much easier to acquire the things you needed for your cop car )


Pretty soon we were using it as the JAMs mobile, it was also my everyday car.

 © Darren Tyler

The start of ME Ford Timelord... Jimmy set about removing the Sheriff Star ready to hand paint

the Pyramind Plaster

 © Ford

"Dear Punter,

The name is Ford Timelord and I'm the leader of the group. You're most probably wondering how me, a yank cop car, is now a local Essex boy making records. I was born in Detroit in 1968, my father worked for the car people there, but in 1970 he got promotion. It meant the family relocating to the Dagenham plant in Essex, England.

I grew up always being the odd one out in the junior parking lot and on the runs to Southend but my looks got me cameo and character parts in movies that were being filmed over here. Superman 3 was my biggest break. I fancied my chances in the music game cause I know what people want to hear. So, I mixed and matched some tunes we all know and love, got some mates down and made this record. Sounds like a hit to me.

Success and fame? I can handle it. I've got more going for me than most of the cardboard cut out excuses for pop stars around at the moment. After this I reckon I could be an all round show biz personality, host my own chat show, something like that.

Yours Ford"

Andy Philips 1.jpg

 © Andy Philips

 © Andy Philips

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