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The Children Of The Revolution

The Children Of The Revolution were the following Kommunicators:

 · Ricardo - Rap (Rest In Peace Friend)

 · Maxine Harvey - Vocals

 · Tony Thorpe - Breaks

 · Duy Khiem - Clarinet

 · Nick Coler - Keyboards
Samples used:

 Radio Freedom Station Ident taken from the LP 'Radio Freedom' (Rounder Records).

 · 'Eternals' - I. Richardson, N. Coler, M. Wilson from the original version of '3 A.M. Eternal'.

 · 'Ancients Of Mu Mu' - Chike, from the Jams LP '1987'.

 · 'K.L.F. Aha Aha' - P.P. Arnold from the unreleased version of 'Church Of The KLF'.

 · 'Are You Ready' & 'Here We Go' - Ashanti.


More Images To Come Soon...

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